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Threadfall at Sea

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So during the Seacraft's TP where they spent a week sailing to Southern, harvesting needlethorn and conducting some trade, then returning, they encountered one of the random threadfalls while at sea.

10:38 PM
Logfile from Chandra.

Midships (#5881)
Towered over by reaching masts, the foremast's boom extends a good distance overhead, spars glistening with the protection of lead. Lines of manila and sisal, wood in its natural grain, and the sparkle of metal all exist here along with the scents of salt and the sea, fish and wood. Solid sides extend six handspans up, trimmed with a rail of virgin white, and the extensive details of hand-long dragons in a multitude of colors, set to sail by seablue curls of engraved wind.
The Foreanchor and Aftanchor are raised and held fast at the winches.
The Jib, Foresail, and Mainsail are up.  The JibTopsail, FlyingJib, ForeClubTopsail, MainTopmastStaysail, and MainClubTopsail are neatly lashed to their booms.
  It is a spring evening. 
To the fore, you see one person.
Gliding above are three firelizards.
You see Spare Fishing Rod and Ship Itinerary here.
You notice Damian, Tatrell, Shaon, and Rara asleep here.
Jetalan is here.
Obvious exits:
Down     Aft     Fore

The ship sails on into Southern Ocean ...
Southern Ocean (#5742)
Deep, fast, boiling water of the southern great current. Careful lest you be towed into cliffs along the southern coast. The warm surface water is shattered by the ice of the depths.
  It is an autumn evening. 
Sailing about is DragonWing.
Obvious exits:
East     SE Big Bay     SW Big Bay     West     Southern Reefs     Ports

Raykini walks in from the Below Decks.
Jhethisea walks in from the Below Decks.

Oh look, Chani is at the helm this time, instead of various apprentices taking their turns with her ship. She gives a slight nudge to the wheel, correcting a heading, due mostly to the current they are crossing over. She stifles a yawn and peers back at one of the watches, "Anything yet?" And she gets a head-shake of a reply. "Nope."

Jhethisea stands near the front of the ship near the fore anchor peering out over the water.  Eyes squint as the teen peers about the southern ocean around the ship.  Head turns now and then to look back towards Chandra or her first mate.
From the sea, Evening has clearly fallen over the ship. Once more, fore and aft there are glowbaskets set to light the ship, and there is a glow from the open hatch to below the decks. Needless to say, the evening crew is a bit less staffed than during the day. Noting movement up towards the bow, and the glance back to her, Chandra waves a hand to Jhethisea, obviously beconing her closer.

Jhethisea spots the wave and moves towards Chandra after spotting it.  She moves carefully on the deck but quickly being midful of her steps in the glowlight. "Yes'm?" she asks politely as she reaches the ship's captain.  Eyes peer at her as she waits politely, good manners with this one certainly.
There's a quiet padding of feet as a red-head makes his way up onto the deck, breathing in the air into his lungs in a slow manner. "Ma'am." Raykini murmurs quietly as he spots the master at the helm, looking for something to busy himself with.

Chandra needs someone to chat with, and her first mate isn't that much of a chatty person. "According to our two dolphincrafters aboard, there isn't any weather at all, all the way to Southern. Clear skies, as you will." This makes Chandra happy, and so she ends that statement with a satisfied smile. Further movement on the deck provokes her attention as well, and she notes Raykini's presence. Oh look, she is waving him over too.

Jhethisea's face falls though only for a moment, certainly it may easily have been missed; "no bad weather eh. Well that's great really great, means we'll make great time and have clear sailing," she carries on a bit further then perhaps the simple statement of Chandra's could have needed but that's just how long she does.  "Never been to Southern myself," she adds after a moment before she gives a small wave in greeting to the red headed Ray.

Rara walks in from the Wing's Bow.

At the wave, Ray moves in quickly, coming into an abrupt halt at Chandra's side. "Lo, master." Says the new apprentice, tugging at his knot to fit it into place. "I've been to southern a few times, never went very far inland." Ray pipes in, tilting his head to the side as he looks out into the horizon.

Rara walks up, Faranth only knows what shes been doing all day. Her friend Tatrell is nowhere to be found. Perhaps she tied him up anyway. "Evening everyone."

"If I remember correctly, the needethorn bushes aren't that far from the coast. So when we spend a day harvesting those, we won't be too far in," Chandra notes, glancing over to Ray. "Been a good turn or more since I was last down there too." She doesn't get out much with fancy titles. "Well, our dolphincrafters are both apprentices, for what is it worth... but I heard the dolphin too, no weather far as we can tell." She glances up as Rara approaches, and she nods to her, "Healer."

Jhethisea glances over as she hears the greeting to all giving a nod towards Rara though eyes turn back towards the master pausing just long enough for a pause on Ray.  "How much needlethorn do we need to gather?" she asks.   She glances out towards the sea, "are the dolphins always right on weather?" she adds tossing another question into the mix.

Raykini looks over his shoulder, nodding in greeting to the other female as she comes closer, but largly his attention is on Chandra. "I forget when the last time was I actually set foot down in Southern. We don't make port very often. I'm not much of a inlander, I must admit." There's a quiet chuckle, but quickly falls silent.

"As much as we can get our hands on. This late in the season though, I'm not sure how much will be available." Chandra glances to the port side briefly, then glances back up at the sails. "Typically very accurate. I had consulted them all week long to make sure. But, it being this late in the autumn, I don't expect to worry much. Hurricane season is mostly over." This time she glances to the starboard, frowning slightly at a splashing sound. "Dolphin?"

From the sea, every so often, must mostly to the starboard side of the ship, a rather hollow sounding splash can be heard. Slight, not that much weight behind it, and somewhat far off. And never regular. It'll be a couple of minutes before another swish of upset water can be heard.

Jhethisea looks towards Ray and peers towards him, "you grew up on a ship?" she asks not having had enough time to get to know the new apprentice it would seem before they'd set sail. Nor yet whilst on the ship, no doubt duties have kept her from asking questions.  She looks back towards Chandra though hearing her then listens a moment and finally moves to the edge of the ship to peer over the side and see if she can spot the cause for the splashing sound 'phin or otherwise.  Eyes squint in the dark as she peers out trying to spot whatever it is not bothering to look over the port side at all she stays peering over the starboard side.

Rara stands over by the railing now, to see if she can spot any dolphins. She does so rather half-heartedly, and mostly just stares out at sea, giving up on conversation, seeing as she has not even the slightest idea as to what they're talking about.

It might help to take in the effect that Raykini has been a bit quiet since his new apprenticeship, perhaps feeling just a little over in his head without his family around. But Ray does offer a pleasent smile to Jheth, "Yeah, most of my life that's where I've been." Ray says, looking back over the edge of the ship.

Chandra has heard that sound before, but not quite like the way it sounds right now. The Captain reaches over as if to grab Raykiki and push him at the wheel. "Take that," she says without further ado. She strides over to the railing, frowning and peering out at the night-dark waters. She flickers a glance to the others standing there, frowns heavier, and then reaches out to ring the ship's bell, sending a peel to beconn any dolphins that might be nearby. "I know that sound," she murmurs. "Jhethisea, call everyone to stations, please."

From the sea, The odd splashing sound seems to be coming ever closer, but still has quite a bit of distance to it. Not quite rain or hail, but seemingly close to that.

Jetalan was...well he was sleeping. It wasn't his turn to be running around on deck at least, anyway. But with that bell gonging through his wonderfully pleasant sleep, it isn't long before Jet comes hurriedly up from below, hair mussed and sticking up in places. "What'n blue blazes is goin' on?" Sure, he's sleepy and confused, but that doesn't make him any less willing to make himself alert to things going on.

Jhethisea blinks once though only once.  Her pause is just a momentary one during which she looks at Chandra, she moves off then quickly towards the hatch calling out stations twice on her way.  Her enthusiasm is certainly there even if she doesn't know quite why she's calling out stations well she's never been asked to before and really the simple fact the Master asked her to is enough to excite this one and make her try to do it to the best of her ability. She leans over the hatch to below and calls out loudly, "stations," not worrying about anyone waking up. Really they should all be awake and going to stations if Chandra wants it in her mind.

Rara is continuing to look out to sea, no longer to look for dolphins, but to try and see whats creating the sound. When she hears the bell being sounded, she looks about, muttering. "Thank Faranth Trell's not out here, he'd knock himself silly panicking." she scoffs. "Such a drama queen." By now its pretty obvious that it could be the apocalypse and Rara probably wouldn't be panicking.

From the sea, there are no dolphins close by this evening. And so none come to the sound of the bell. Or if they do, it'll be some time. Chandra makes a mental note to make sure a fully partnered dolphineer makes it onto the boat next trip. "Turn her starboard, Seaman Raykini. Aim right for that noise. Jetalan, stop your yammering and start handing out the hats." Yay, hats. Conical hats to cover your heads for when... you know, Thread falls on you. Jhethisea, get over to the pumps. Those are yours." And her last commands are for her mates, to start taking down the rigging. "Prepare for Thread!"

Tatrell comes as if on cue, holding chuck, as usual. The second he hears the words "prepare for thread" he opens his mouth as if to say something, but Rara promptly clamps a hand over his mouth.

Shaon was on the night shift before, thus, he was sleeping during the day. And... now it's later in the day and he's obviously not quite sleeping. That could be because of the--whatever it was that woke him. Just after Jetalan, he emerges from below the deck, looking more groggy than ever. "What---" Well, Jet's words can speak for the both of them. It's easier that way.

Hands start to cross over themselves. His eyes quickly glance up to the skies as the chaos starts take over the ship. Ray winces, thread, lovely. He turns the wheel, steering in the direction of the sound of the water.

"Yammerin'?" Jetalan wasn't /yammering/. He's not yet awake enough for yammering. The order for..hats though, gets an odd look from the boy before realization dawns. And then of course, Chandra is kinda enough to announce it. "Shi--" Yes. Well..it was loud, and rather vulger, what comes out of the teen's mouth, before he gives a quick haul on Shaon's arm. "Move it!" Short..and to the point. It's possible for him to do that! Besides, he needs help getting hats out to people, and thus, half are shoved at his friend before he hurries along, already donning one of the silly-looking things. "Take one! Put it /on/. Take that one..don't /fuss/ over 'em, come on now!"

Jhethisea listens to all going on about her eyes widening slightly as she hears the word 'thread'.  Lass pauses momentarily before she manages to make her way over to the pumps she was told to man, certainly no doubt even though it's her first time 'out' in threadfall she's had the drill all apprentices would have about thread so her mind does know what she's supposed to do.   She takes a hat from Jet as he passes by with them fastening it upon her head as she stays at the pumps.

Seacraft ships are probably one of the most expensive pieces of machinery on Pern. And it is only the full Seacraft ships that are plated in that very precious commodity, lead. Needless to say, they are worth a fortune. Chandra adds, "Steer into the leading edge of it. That's it." Because the sooner you get through, the sooner you are out. frowns at the second mate is yammering in her ear about Threadfalls and not supposed to be happening and pretty much well is blathering about nothing she really needs to know about right now. "Shardit, just make sure the hatches are sealed." Because when they flood the deck, they really don't need a bunch of water going down below.

"What about me?" Shaon asks as he actually sidles up towards Chandra, awaiting responsibility. Yes, he would like some of that too. And he even takes a hat for the sake of safety. And why -is- the boy sweating so profusely? You'd think it was a hundred and ten degrees out or something. Maybe it's just nerves.

Rara ows as Tatrell bites the hand covering her mouth. She cuffs him and replaces the hand, deciding the last thing the crew needed was Trell getting all excited. She takes one of the ridiculous hats from the nearest hand, also handing one to her friend, who no longer has a hand over his mouth. He's gotten the message to shut up and move out of the way.

From the sea, Closer now, a splash and another. The next one sounds heavy, and just off the bow of the ship, sounding hollow and deep as it lands. But with the rigging quickly reeled in, ropes and sails stowed fast as humanly possibly, it leaves the masts looking rather naked. Someone, maybe the first mate yells, "Flood the decks!"

"What about me?" Shaon asks as he actually sidles up towards Chandra, awaiting responsibility. Yes, he would like some of that too. And why -is- the boy sweating so profusely? You'd think it was a hundred and ten degrees out or something. Maybe it's just nerves. And then he's yanked off by the motor mouth which just causes mild confusion for a split second until the task at hand is noted and he helps to comply.

Raykini quickly moves to take a hat himself, letting go of the wheel for a moment as he dons the silly-looking hat. It's such a silly thing, but then again, it's a nice thing to have when thread is bearing down on you. "Ma'am, continue the heading?" He shouts to Chandra, grabbing up the wheel once more and trying to keep the ship on his heading.

Jhethisea hears the command to flood the decks and starts the pumps.  The decks soon start to flood as she looks around, "are'n we.." she starts out but voice is too soft to be heard by anyone nearby and she looks around quickly watching the decks flood, looking to the nearing threadfall, to the captain, and to the first mate.

Chandra blinks at Shaon, and then blinks again as he is drug away. She finally gets a hat, and plunks it on her head. Eventually, yes, the waters begin to swirl about everyone's legs. Imagine that, flooding a ship. Whatever will they think of next? It rises to just shy of knee-high. "Crouch down and make sure to stay under your hats," Chandra adds above the din of the splashes and crew bustling about.

And then comes the water. Jetalan immediately lurches into the side rail to hang on, lest it go tumbling along the deck with the flow of water. He'd rather /not/ fall overboard. Still, he looks around a bit, taking a quick survey to make sure everyone he can see has the proper - if rediculous - protective gear. "All covered 'n ready, ma'am!" Party hats have been donned! And then? Well, down he goes, staying put as he keeps low to the deck.

There is a flash of silver, briefly seen in the evening's glowlight, and the sound of a wet slapping noise on high. And then another. Shadows show a couple of pieces of Thread dangling from the spars of the mast, dangling there before dropping to the deck with hard splashes. It isn't a thick fall by any means, just as haphazard and chaotic and rare as what has been falling lately.

Raykini wrinkles his nose ever so slightly when the water starts flooding in, not bothering to even trying to keep dry. He lowers himself to the deck, hands reaching up to make sure that his hat is on right and all. Cause y'know, it just /has/ to try and not look as silly as possible.

It'd actually probably be safer to fall overboard. Ahem. Shaon does much the same as Jetalan, but has more confidence in the water since he doesn't hold onto the railing for very long since he's ducking and covering. And the few pieces of thread? They're noted because he's the kind of guy who looks /up/ instead of down. "Wooooooah..." And yes, that's him tugging on Jetalan's sleeve to grab his attention, even as he points with his free hand. "Look at that!"

Jhethisea eyes the thread falling ahead of them hesitating on the whole dropping down part.  Not supposed to be thread on this trip really there wasn't, or at least that appears to be her issue.  She pauses long enough to watch the first few pieces fall hitting the spars then drop down before she finally drops down low as she can crouching in the knee high water, it might have taken her a bit to respond to the order to drop down but she has done it at least.  She stays next to the pumps quietly.

Chandra would imagine people would be a bit more concerned about living through this than how they look in their new hats. But she isn't about to reprimand anyone for the moment. For most, this is probably the first time they have ever been out in a Fall. "Shaon, get to the bow and check our progress... See if it is thinning. And for the love of little green apples, don't get hit."

Jetalan looks at Shaon as he's tugged on..and then just narrows his eyes, bringing a hand over to /shove/ the other boy's down. "Keep yer head /down/, idiot! Don' go /lookin'/ at it. Gonna get a bunch o' Thread in yer face, 'n I know a few people that'll have /my/ hide if that happens." And? And his friend is ordered to get a move on. Well. For the moment, Jet will stay where he is, trying to glance up while keeping his head down. Not an easy feat!

Rara has disconnected.
Tatrell has disconnected.

The pace of the Thread falling picks up a bit. A few more hits strike the waters on the deck, another falls onto the bowsprit, draping there for a long moment before falling into the seas. A thicker strand falls right beside Jetalan, flashing and eatting through a coil of floating rope that somehow missed being stowed properly before downing in the waters.

Raykini will just be over here, by himself, cause he doesn't really have too many friends just yet. So yeah, he'll duck by the wheel, keeping his limbs tucked in. Please keep all limbs inside while thread is falling, thank you.

"Yes ma'am!" And Shaon trips over some inanimate object beneath the water at his feet. No worries, he just stumbles face first into the water, bur recovers just as quickly with a few cuss words, surely picked up by living at the sea hall. Right, right. So this is where he gets to play--some important role in saving the lives of others. Sort of. Not really. He does as he's told no less, and scans the sector around him. Of course, not being a professional thread scanner had him looking--indifferent. "I--think it's dying down!" he calls back over his shoulder. The one on the bowsprit has him ducking a little, but as it falls to the seas he relaxes. Slightly. "Or not---no, I think it's thinning! I don't see much out there anymore and the sky's clearing a bit in the distance!" That much he knows.

No it wouldn't do to have limbs outside of the hats whilst thread is falling certainly.  Jheth stays where she is until a piece of drowned thread floats towards her, nevermind that it's drowned the girl back steps from it quickly as she can and splashes water towards it, is that a elbow or two winding up outside of the protective hat.... perhaps but the apprentice isn't realizing that.
Why is there something sizzling next to him? Jetalan does look to the side, and stares at that thread eating the rope next to him..and then promptly jerks away from it. Probably because part of his pants also seems to have been caught up in the sizzling mass. Thankfully, the skin beneath isn't too bad off. Singed a bit, but nothing that's going to be horribly damaging. Just stingy.

Chandra nods after Shaon, for all that he really can't see her. Or he better not, considering he's supposed to be looking over the bowl. She turns to consult with her first mate, when an apprentice nearby, who wasn't quite completely under his hat screams out in pain, and obviously from the end of some Thread that managed to slap against his arm. "Hold tight... it'll be over with soon enough!"

From the sea, the Thread does actually start to slow down. Or, at least, not as much is falling about and onto the ship. The splashes as it hits the dark water become more and more infrequent, but not before yet one last piece strikes the railing near to where Raykini is, narrowly missing the helm.

Tthere's a startled squeek coming from Raykini as he quickly scampers back when a piece of thread falls just in front of him, watching the water drown it in a silent manner. "I hate being out in thread." That's all he'll say, making a mental note of keeping all his limbs under the silly-looking hat, looking very much like a haunched-over hat rack.

Still scanning... That's what Shaon's supposed to be doing, right? Risking his ENTIRE LIFE for the safety and welfare of the others, or at least so some other poor sucker doesn't have to do it. "Ma'am--it's down to a--uh, sprinkle?" Is there really a term for it when it comes to thread? He actually keeps looking back for acknowledgement, if only for a moment before he returns his attention forward, gripping onto the railing tightly.

Jhethisea trips and lands on her rear hat half off her head and hands moved out to the sides to catch herself before she falls all the way onto her back from her hasty back peddling from the drowned thread.  Eyes widen as she looks about forgetting to adjust her hat, over?  Did Shaon say over, wait no he said sprinkle...

Chandra isn't going to give the all-clear until the Thread is all gone. And, seriously, so very hard to tell with the night skies being what they are. So she listens, and others listen, and try to hear the splashes from falling thread over the whimpering noises of a struck apprentice. But, the sounds do fall off to their aft, gradually sounding further and further away. Eventually though, she moves to stand, dripping. "Keep your hats on. Everyone report." And so crewmembers the ship over start piping up, mentioning bloated and dead thread sections, injuries, or being clear.

Raykini perks his head, up if only slightly, "All clear, ma'am!" Calls Raykini, though he does look up to the sky in a hesitant manner, trying to judge if any more tendrils are going to catch him by surprise.
Jetalan does get up, one hand settling on the railing as he looks about his own area. Yep, pleanty of nasty remains of thread around.. He does pipe up though after a bit, tipping that hat up just a little in order to take a glance at the sky. "Still alive 'n kickin', ma'am!"

"The bowsprit's been hit, ma'am," Shaon reports himself, giving it a final once-over before turning his back to it. "Clear skies though!" This much he can see from his spectacular view. "I thought thread lasted longer." Maybe back in the day. As he makes his way back, hands are held down to Jhethisea to help her up. Nice boy, he is. "You alright?"

Jhethisea doesn't say anything for some time, certainly not till the boy comes over to her and offers a hand.  Hand is taken and she pulls herself up with it, "am I alright," she says repeating the question and glancing round a bit pale.  She clears her throat though and glances down at herself, yeah cause you wouldn't notice if you got scored or singed, "yeah I'm okay," she says after a moment adding a nod quickly.

Chandra points towards a bin off to the side, "Use some of those gaffs to drag that stuff off the deck." She scowls a bit at the dead mass of thread floating not far from the helm. "Jhethisea, Jetalan, you two get up aand make sure the masts and spars are clear, with no damage. Shaon, shimmy out on the sprit and see if there is any damage too." Apprentices are wonderful, adventurous, and energetic things. "Keep ahold of the wheel there, Ray. You can use that gaff there to dump that thread off the side of the railing."

Raykini slowly stands to his feet again, shaking off the water from his clothes and breathing a sigh of relief. A gaff is grabbed and he quickly starts clearing off the thread from the side of the railing, making sure to handle the wheel to keep them on course.

Well, that's something to do. Though, not so wonderful while still wearing the giant hats. Still though, Jetalan moves to do as he's told, hurriedly making his way up  to check for thread damage. "Lookin' good so far, ma'am!"

Shaon will just give the girl a quick hug though. Hey, it's a hugging time! Everyone should be doing it. "Good," is all Shaon has to say on that matter though before he releases her. "That was kind of scary, huh?" he then asks, clasping hands to his hips before sighing deeply. "C'mon--work to do," he then says at Chandra's orders. It's time to scan. "So far, so good..."

Jhethisea nods her head again hearing Channi and the girl smiles at the hug given by Shaon seeming a bit less pale. She smiles towards Shaon and nods her head, "scary for sure," she comments before straightening the hat on her head and securing it a bit better so it won't fall off whilst she climbs.  She spots the mast that Jet heads towards instead moving to another then and climbing all the way to the top looking as she goes, "mast is fine," she calls out and climbs down to the first spar from the top checking that before going down to the one below it.

Chandra isn't going to give her crew time yet to freak out after the tenseness of an unexpected threadfall. Nope, she's going to send them immediately to work, and expend that built-up emotion doing productive things. Eventually, one of the healers aboard, meant to come supervise the needlethorn harvesting more than anything, come to collect the threadscored apprentice. He'll get to the others that have suffered more glancing wounds or bumps and scrapes after this one. Once she is sure that they are out of the range of the thread, the order is given, "Okay, stand down and take off the hats." Yet another seaman is set to collect them as they come available. A glance aloft at those above and then a nod of her head. "We'll do a more thorough scan come daylight. Until then, lets get the out of here. Up rigging!" And only when it is reported to her that all the thread is removed from the deck, comes the next order to pump the water right on back off. Sheesh, what a mess.

Once the order is given, Ray thankfully takes off the hat, offering it to the seaman that comes by to collect them, focusing his attention to his job. It's one that he's fairly familiar with, so the red-headed apprentice doesn't have much trouble at the wheel, watching the others go about their business until he's told to do something else.

Definitely a bit soggy. After handing in his hat, Shaon starts towards helping with the uprigging, but really just ends up standing there, attempting to look like he's doing something, which is remarkably harder than it looks. He'll just hold onto--something. Just anything near him and assess it, yes.

Jetalan does climb back down, leaning against the mast lightly before he looks around just a little. Oh, they /can/ take the hats off? Splendid. His certainly comes off, fingers briefly running through damp hair as he hands it off to someone else. He uses a sleeve then to wipe his face, before moving to help out with the uprigging as well, tossing a grin at Shaon. "Ah, still alive, huh?"

Jhethisea clambers back down the mast handing her hat off to the seaman grabbing them.  She then moves by Jet and Shaon giving both a quick grin as she moves back over to the pumps.  She gets them going in reverse from before so as to drain the water off the deck she'd previously pumped onto it.

Chandra sends a critical glance across her crew, giving a wary eye to her second mate who is practically dancing behind her. "Shells, take the wheel from, Seaman Ray, there, before you explode. Put us back on course." She flickers a glance to their newest apprentice, who basically was drug on the ship the second he was made an apprentice. "You did well." And then her voice lifts, "Well... welcome to your first, unplanned, Threadfall. Usually, during the turns when it was regular, we tended to sail around the scheduled falls. But yes, every so often something like that happened. Nobody died." Thank Faranth. "Back to stations, we'll assess things better in the morning." A mental prodding her flizen gold 'causes the tiny lizard to appear, looking faintly agitated with the events.

"Still alive and kickin'," Shaon replies, grinning crookedly. "And tired. Do you know who has night watch tonight?" Even if it's likely already started. Maybe. "Hope it's not me again." Oh right, they're supposed to be working, right? "Wait, back to stations. That mean we can go back to sleep?" Or Shaon can?

Raykini is more than happy to let the wheel go to the second mate, stepping away when the man comes to seize it form him. A hand reaches up idly to rub at the back fo his head, offering a meek smile, "It's all right, I'm rather used to chaos happening about." But he does move back to his station, intending to get back to his work.

Jetalan was in fact..sleeping before this. If he can go back to his current duties.. that means..WOO. More time to relax. He does glance at Shaon then, tossing him a quick grin. "Yeah, I think it does. Ugh, I /do/ need to lay down after all o' that, I think."

Jhethisea wrinkles her nose as she glances about the deck the water finishing draining off via the pumps.  Eyes glance about as she does and a hand goes up to her hair ruffling it up a bit at the back where it had gotten damp before she focusses on first mate eyeing the man now at the wheel.

Chandra passes her flizen to her shoulder, and nearly gets strangled with the gold's tail. "You better be calm enough to send a message," she murmurs, frowning a bit at a portion of her railing where the lead didn't cover enough to prevent some eating away at the wood. She nods to the second mate to take over duties, and then starts off to the hatch, unsealing it and descending below.

"I need to change before anything," Shaon then assesses himself, looking down at his water-logged apparel. "Though I think we all do. 'least the water was relatively warm." For ocean water, anyway. "Too bad the dragons don't fight over the ocean. That would've been even cooler to watch." And despite having grown up at a Weyr, it something Shaon's never actually witnessed. The tragedy.
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