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It has been brought to the Headman's attention that, since the comet struck Ista Weyr, some of the walls have been /leaking/.  Leaking? you ask.  Yes, leaking.  At least they're not bleeding!

Martin has already made the Weyrleader aware of the situation, and some smiths have been invited to take a look at the problem.  Most of the people in the southern caverns are hoping the smiths can get it fixed quickly, and have moved their valuables to the stores in the northeast caverns.

Luckily, the biggest leak seems to be in the Candidate Barracks, and they aren't supposed to have any valuables with them, anyway...

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Date:     Fri Nov 30 10:20:47 2007 CST
From:     Chandra (#6571)
To:       *SeaCraft (#1924) and *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject:  It was a dark and stormy...

... actually, it was a bright morning when a small fleet of three-masted ships came into Ista Hold's cove, littering the waters with their shapes and soon becoming something of an organized chaos while docking at the quay of the Sea Hall.

It wasn't long before the rather screeching tones of one very old man were heard above the din as he was guided down a gangplank from a ship that was clearly the grandest of the fleet.

"Welcome to Ista Isle, sir."

But the woman with the Master's knot was ignored as the old man tottered on past, muttering about humidity and bugs and that he was sure to catch his death from some vile disease the likes of which any civilized person shouldn't normally catch.

"The old nutter is as old as Pern itself..."

"-Nuts?! Thar better be some nuts in my rooms, or by Faranth, there'll be a reckonin'!"

"Yes, Master Sanderson."

"And ale... and a connecting room for my healer and so help me, if'n I see a single frilly prissy-gel flower in this hall, I'll have you all strung up by your toes for embarrin' the craft. To the head!"

Creak-thunk. Creak-thunk. Creak-thunk...

Chandra looked over at the apprentice beside her and muttered, "We'll be lucky if our toes, let alone our necks, survive this visit."
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Date: Fri Nov 30 07:43:07 2007 CST
From: Palia (#26572)
To: *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject: Woman Cries "Thread!"?

Its common knowledge since the end of Thread several Turns back, that greenrider Palia of High Reaches Weyr has been steadily losing her mind. Even her two children have found it to be an embarrassment to be related to her but she remained content in her own world of paranoia until today.
-- :: BETWEEN:: -- .

"Ooooh, I forgot how pretty it was here! I'm glad we decided to take this trip to Southern... It's been so long! See that little mountain over there? Giggle. Thats where I got attacked by a GIANT MASSIVE FELINE!"

<< Mmmhmm. >>

The voice of the green dragon was toned in disbelief as they floated above the forests; but, she tried to hold back, as her rider, Palia, was too preoccupied with her arms thrown to the sides like wings, and her eyes darting over the ground with immense fondness and giggles. Lots of giggles.

"Oooh, how I've missed it! 'Reachian winters are so boooooooooring! Tee hee hee. We should travel north up to the Hold to see if theres a gather going! Oh! There /must/ be! See all that silver confetti they're dumping from the CLOUDS?!"

<< I don't see anything. >>

"No no.. Over there in the distance! Its all gray and stuff.. And.. FARANTH! VERI! Its THREAD! Is it? Oh well! We gotta TELL someone!"

<< But I-- >>

But, Palia willed them ::between:: with her super intent vision before the green got a good look; so , in trusting her rider, she believes they saw Thread as well; and, appearing over High Reaches, a loud scream was heard in the air.


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Date:     Thu Nov 29 20:33:24 2007 CST
From:     Fyren (#8833)
To:       *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject:  Things are shakin...

The starcraft apprentice glanced down into the telescope and blinked.  "That looks almost like it's going to hit the island."  He looked up and realized that he could see the meteor with his own eyes, and that it was heading right toward him.  It was the first time the appy ran when it wasn't lunch time.


Iz'ak had his candies on the sands.  They were touching eggs.  It was all good and pretty and fuzzy.

Then the rock hit the outside of the weyr, causing a lot of shivering, falling dust and broken things.  Even a pissed off golden dragon for a while.

Lendai cried.

But when it was over, the weyr started to sweep up and fix anything that was broken.  The Starcraft came in and made notes, took the rock and promised answers as soon as they had them.
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There's a fairly major TP in the works for Ista Hold.  Stay tuned and keep your headknobs polished!
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Harper's Tale has been around for more than 14 years, had a LiveJournal at one point that went by the wayside.  So, in the interest of sparking a little more interest in the game, and letting other people know we're out there, this Journal is meant to serve as a forum for HT players and people who might be looking for a new game to play on.

HT is based on the Dragonriders of Pern ® series by Anne McCaffrey and is currently in the 5th Turn of the 10th Interval.  Live areas include Ista Island (Hold and Weyr) and High Reaches Weyr.  On Ista particularly firelizards have become somewhat common, if useful, pets.  Most craft areas are PC (player-character) and Tiny Plots (TPs) are encouraged.

Please visit HT through either the Java or Flash platform and find out why it is one of the longest-running Pern games.

If you are already a player on HT, please feel free to use this forum to post logs, suggestions for TPs, or ads for your craft or area.

Welcome to the HTLJ.
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Various ideas have been brought up about what to do to try to increase activity on the game, and the one that's been turning a lot of heads is whether to bring threadfall back. While ICly it would be part of an interval -- and it's a bit hard to take argue with the game's timeline -- I personally, as well as other people that I've spoken to, feel that Threadfall would be very beneficial to the game as a whole.

  • It would promote drama. People have no reason to be dying, now!
  • Dragonriding wouldn't feel purposeless. My character, Palia, is ICly going insane from the lack of Threadfall -- and I'm sure it's leaving everyone feeling unsure what to be doing with their rider characters. The game is supposed to be focused around the Weyrs, even if not exclusively; but when the Weyrs are sitting around idly, RP dies.
  • It gives the crafts and holds something to do, as well. Now, there's no danger, and.. Well. No RP either.
  • The contraversies between weyrs and holds just aren't happening. While ICly it wouldn't happen for a while, people can't just sit around waiting for IC turns to pass for a good TP to start -- it's got to start happening /soon/. RP thrives on disaster. Either some imminent danger needs to return, or we're setting ourselves up for people's characters being too content for any activity to be worth being played out.
This is just my own opinion, but a lot of people I've spoken to feel the same way. I'd like to get a judge of "how many" out there so, if need be, it can be petitioned to speed up time, mess up the cycle, or whatever it takes, to bring Thread back. So. Leave a comment or a post if you feel the same way. (I'd start a poll thing, but I can't atm. :) )
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