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Harper's Tale InterWeyr Games 2009

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Many thanks to ht_toba for proposing the event, and all the numerous people involved in running the events, namely Nemykai, T'ab, T'zyn, Pippa, D'baji, S'lo, Dex, Lzi, Alesa and more.

The dates were set, the wings have been practicing, and the riders have been stretching reaaal good. It is a sign that it must be time for another installment of a InterWeyr Games!
The beaches and clearings of Southern Continent were set up for a variety of friendly (and not-so-friendly) competitions ranging from foot races to surfing competitions to aerial acrobatics, all to find out which Weyr reigns supreme! The events are scattered throughout an entire sevenday at various times (August 24-30th) with a final closing ceremony with a feast and drinks to celebrate the true nature of the games, cooperation between the weyrs!


I've posted the logs for all but the Rib Eating Contest and the Drinking Contest.
You'll find them here: http://ht-tilla.livejournal.com/tag/inter+weyr+games

A)Human/Dragon Surfing Part 1, Part 2

B)Mounted Obstacle course

C)Foot Races

D) 600M Dragon Swim Part 1, Part 2

E)Mounted Dragon Races

F) Aerial Acrobatics Part 1, Part 2

G)Closing Ceremonies
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