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07:33 PM
Logfile from Pippa.

Above Blacksands Valley
You soar high above the forested valley of Blacksands.  Below, you can make out the buildings of Blacksands Hold, nestled along the black sandy beaches of volcano cove.  To the east, the ridgelines separate this valley from Ista Hold and southern Ista, while west you can easily see the five-pointed rim of Ista Weyr, rising out of the haze in the distance.
  It is a winter evening. 
Gliding around is a blue firelizard.
Obvious exits:
North     East     South     West     Beach     Feeding Ground

Jeyth blinks in from the cold of ::between:: with a glimmer and flash.

Lenculoth blinks back in from ::between::!

Jeyth [Above Blacksands Valley]
Harvesttime richness dapples her golds with a frolicking play of light and shadow that ripples as a field of wind-tossed wheat. Broad-built, her chest is a proud thing of sun-toasted maize until her draconic form draws elegant as an hourglass to surge feminine once again, all hips and heaviness through her thighs and posterior. Reaping the benefits of cultivation, her upturned muzzle flares wide upon the ski-slope curve of her face, accented further with almost bovine-impressive eyes. Autumn's leaf litter of ash and maple and oak collects upon the sails of her wings, cast with the last clinging vestige of unturned ivy through her ichor-rich veins and split with bracing spars of goldenrod to pinion's point.
Braided leather in a trio of shades of cinnamon, fawn, and bistre are drawn into a long plait, winding around Jeyth's neck for security's sake. Padded with fleece for her comfort, the straps have a coppery metallic shine where buckles are necessary.
Jeyth seems to be listening.
Above Blacksands Valley
You soar high above the forested valley of Blacksands.  Below, you can make out the buildings of Blacksands Hold, nestled along the black sandy beaches of volcano cove.  To the east, the ridgelines separate this valley from Ista Hold and southern Ista, while west you can easily see the five-pointed rim of Ista Weyr, rising out of the haze in the distance.
  It is a winter evening. 
Gliding around is a blue firelizard.
Blue Phthongoth and green Lenculoth are here.
Obvious exits:
North     East     South     West     Beach     Feeding Ground

Amuirnith blinks in from ::between::!
Imadrith blinks in from ::between::!

The fire seems to be stemming from the forests to the southwest, from far away it seems only a bit of smoke, but the flames are licking higher and higher. Orange and yellow flickers start to further engulf the rather dry looking trees, overcoming the greenery and headed toward both the weyr and the holds.

In a coordinated flash, wings appear just beyond the edge of the smoke-choked sky. A multitude of organized colors hailing from here and there upon Pern glimmer in that brief sliver of twilight-painted sky. Hanging from many of the dragons are deep pouches of oiled hide, bloated with sea water and dripping. Is is the Istan Weyrleader's wing that heads the crowd, and gives a mental and hand gesture, asking for the others to follow suit. In a flash, they dive, ropes loosened to allow a cascade of water to spray over the line closest to the Hold.

From Imadrith's neck, Search and Rescue is what Imadrith and Eryn chose to join after weyrlinghood, though the latter never really expected to use those skills.  Now a grim pair appears with the other riders and dragons, Eryn with a newly-wetted cloth over her mouth and nose, and both ready to fight this fire.  The first bucket of water tips on cue before Imadrith swoops off to refill.

The verdant green (and rather glowing) hide of a certain Amuirnith winks in from between, still seemingly in some kind of argument with her rider. But the heat of the flames and the excitement of the chase soon quiet the pair, who are committed to helping. A wetted bandana is fished from Tilla's pocket and soon tied about her nose and mouth. Amuirnith dives from the sky and Tilla holds on for dear life as one rather large bucket is filled with foaming seawater, and its back to above the flames they go. SPLOOOOSH as it quenches a few patches of flame.

The crackle of fire licks quite a few trees, the fire blazing wildly and flashes of fire as trees come crashing down under the heat of the burn. With a splash of water, there is a plume of black smoke rising, offering a blinding curtain across the sky. The heat radiating from the fires play with the thermals higher up and cause potential problems. A younger bronze thrown off but disappearing ::between:: before he crashes into the burning forests and reappearing back with his wing.

Phthongoth appears over the skies with a rumble, deep in his chest, to be kept from opening his maw and sucking in any of the heavy smoke that is rising from the flames. There seems to be some argument from Thyia for a moment, though it's not obvious behind the drenching wet rag that is covering most of her face. Starry speckled wings tilt, spilling air, and dropping heigh to zoom in as closer to the flames as this daring blue may go before letting loose his water bundle, getting out of there post-haste as he cuts through the thick smoke. On the other side the pair look alright, even if the rider is glaring at her satisfied lifemate.

Ista's Dawnfire wing are equals with the fighting wings this time, carrying those bloated oiled hides, salt water splashing about the edges with the passage through the air. Holding up the rear of the small gold wing is Jeyth, laboring with her own liquid burden. "Just follow 'em in, girl," Pippa drawls, fingers digging into straps, hand ready to pluck the sailor's knot that just takes a tug to release their load.

Salbaheth pops in and is instantly on the move, diving away from the swirl of cold air that quickly becomes his wake. He banks, bugling his arrival to the other dragons, before his rider points towards a tangle of flame. Another bellow of a challenge erupts from the older dragon before he dives for it. Wings waver in the unpredictable updrafts, smoke curls beyond the tips of his wings creating little contrails. He gets dangerously close to the treetops before arching, stretching, his forelimbs pulling at the ropes holding the waterbasket closed. A hiss of steam and the flames there are broken into fragments as Salbaheth beats his wings, gaining height again.

Glee winks in from between. Carrying a bucket far to big for him full of seawater. chirping he dives at the burning woods. He get's to the places to small for a dragon to get at he tips his bucket and pops between again. Returning after refilling his bucket.He looks barly ready to go for another attack on the blaze.

Soot clings to green flesh, turning another dragon a dingy color that resembles the smoke and burn forest below. S'eron rides atop Lenculoth's shoulders, taking a brief break closer to the water to scrub off his goggles, the cloth over his mouth and nose showing black spots over his nostrils and mouth. >> So much smoke, can't tell if it's doing any good. <<

Black smoke is blowing with from the southeasterly wind, causing visual blackouts to occur if one was in the wrong place of the sky the large curtains of black smoke travelling and wisping up in the air. The fire, although spots have been caught, continues to blaze and pick up speed headed toward various cardinal directions, a nearby cothold looks especially in danger as a renegade trail of flame travels rather swiftly.

Amuirnith goes back to join the other members of Tsunami who have all coordinated the refilling of the buckets. Tilla takes another bucket to hold between her legs, tightly as her lifemate springs back into the air with her wing. Then, in a display akin to a rising and falling ocean wave, the lines of Tsus rise, and spray the sea foam and water in arcs, then retreat back to the beach again and again, green, blue, bronze and brown hides being muted by the ash and flicker of the hot air.

Imadrith returns with another bloated hide of water, Eryn looking a bit greener around the gills than usual from the recent dive toward the ocean.  The thermals threaten to toss the green off her course, but Imadrith is rarely out of form in a fight, and isn't this just a new sort of combat?  Eryn simply clings as Maverick wing slices through the air, ready to let go with one hand to release the knot holding the bucket but not happy about it, if her eyes are narrowed eyes are anything to go by.  <<Be calm, my rider.  I will not let anything happen to you.>>  The rider in question does not look soothed, especially as Imadrith dives abruptly and yells in her mind, intent on the water reaching the flame headed for the cothold.

Whopper blinks in from ::between::!

Jeyth angles down toward the smoldering ground. The golden wing angles in from the windward side, keeping as much visual as possible before becoming immersed in the smoke again. They fall even lower, the thermals from the fire below causing her body to shift and angle. << Not like the sea at all >> "No, not at all. Just follow them." << Now! >> With that command, Pippa loosens the rope tied at her straps, causing a deluge of water to spray through the air to drench the ground below. The gold wing barely passes into the smoke before every last one winks between, headed for the shore for more water.

A bluerider as part of his wing continues his efforts of dumping water onto a front lead of fire, but is unable to pull up quick enough to avoid the wall of black being caught in a rather thick smoke cloud that causes the dragon to lose a little bearing and lower, causing some unburnt treetops to scratch the dragon's wingsails, no heavy damage but bad enough that the dragon disappears ::between:: in reaction to the sudden pain, reappearing near the beach to settle and check the damage.

Glee Starts a dive at the flame fighting the wind stirred up from the blaze. He follows a dragon in fighting hard against the wind. He gets pushed back towards a blaze he tips the bucket and goes between. He shows up by the shore dragging his bucket through the water then betweening to a better place to stage a dive.

A much more sedated Phthongoth returns from refilling his oiled hide, as Thyia on his back already looks straiined from the start. Her eyes are squinting at the blaze and her rag has been redrenched. << It's doing some good! >> comes the high pitched crackly voice of the blue towards the green and others, trying to keep optimistic. There's a frantic wave from his rider towards the cothold in danger and the blue veers off to that edge of the fire, swooping even lower than before and nearly grazing trees, closer to the flames, and finally dumping his water before swiftly leaving for more.

Salbaheth climbs and climbs, at one point losing a half a wingbeat of flying power to a downdraft. T'nar calls out through the roaring fighting, "Just go." And with a rumble and a quickly broadcast << We go, for water! >> the bronze blinks Between again, causing the smoke around him to warp and curl with the sudden absence of a big bronze behemoth. Moments pass but eventually he returns, up in the clearer air. Forelimbs held close, that bunch of gathered hides bulging and dripping with water, Salbaheth banks, looking for another tangle to attack, or a dragon that needs a fast egress.

From Lenculoth's neck, S'eron chuckles lightly and reaches down to pat Lenculoth's shoulder as they dive back toward the sea once more, collecting water.  << I just wish we could be more precise, >> the green comments, stress starting to show in her tone, inner smoke and acrid air accompany her words.

Areas of fire have been doused in water, causing patches of flame to go smoldering, but the wind has picked up sending the licks of fire to move almost horizontally across the surface of the ground. A dry clearing admist the jungle of trees has caught aflame, feeding the fire to grow bigger and more smoke emitting, a few grazing herdbeasts caught alarmed and start stampeding into the jungles.

As Tilla's nose and mouth cloth starts to dry out, she starts to cough, inhaling some of the acrid smoke into her lungs. She wipes her eyes, getting soot across her forehead and they start to water. Amuirnith thankfully dips back towards the sea, allowing Tilla to wash and redip her bandanna, retying it firmly even though her eyes are still /watering/ from the heat. Buckets are filled, and Tilla is abit soaked, but not caring at the moment. The screams and bleats of the herdbeasts catch their attention and they swoop towards the dry clearing that's just caught fire. Amuirnith starts to protest, < They do look delicious....> before Tilla yells out. "UH FOCUS HERE!"

It takes some time, the efforts to readjust the cloth 'pails', allowing the oiled leather to sink into the sea water to fill again, and the use of heavy strokes to bring them up with the heavy load again. Carrying water is nothing like carrying stone, or even just holding a flamethrower. But the wing returns again, the wet seaspray that beaded upon Jeyth's hide already evaporating with the heat and dryness of the air here.

A wing from Igen takes the vanguard in darting towards the new flame up by the clearning, bulky browns and lighter blues angling in to try to douse the forest line before the flames can get out of control.

The flames are rising higher, as if retaliating against the attack of dragons. A greenrider pair, known for their rather undisciplined manner in flight decide to try to divebomb a patch of flame in an attempt of show. << Look at us, fighting fire >> The green dragon proudly trumpets awfully close to a pillar of flame, rising from the tree, too close it seems as the tip of her wing is suddenly singed and they react by rising up, unsteadily gliding to the beach sands.

From Imadrith's neck, "Shardit, Imadrith, warn a person!" Eryn yells through a scratchy throat, barely managing to loosen the knot in time to release the water onto the threatened cothold itself.  The green regains height swiftly, fighting the chaotic thermals with a ferocity only previously seen in drills and mock Threadfalls.  She battles to win.  The pair dive for the sea and clearer air, Eryn rewetting the cloth for her nose and mouth, and Imadrith refilling the large bucket.

The dragonhealing pair take one last dive bomb, trying to douse the forest ahead of the spreading flame, tossing the water on herdbeast and vegetation alike. S'eron and Lenculoth then angle toward the beach at the request of an injured rider.

Glee is starting to wear out. His wingbeats slowing he dives at the flames struggleing against the wind he gets blown upwards. He betweens close to the fire and dumps his bucket. He pops out near the beach sitting in the water filling his bucket. He find more energy deep down and starts his way skyward again.

Salbaheth banks again and begins to descend. Though the flames in the grasses certainly cause concern for the herdbeasts, the bronze cannot help but look for Heroic work to do instead. T'nar thumps the dragon's neck and hollars into the wind, "Stop picking through your battles and just attack!" A mindvoice of a forest's darkness responds, leaves rattling in thought like they do in the fire below << Let the greens attack the fringes, T'nar. Only the big dragons can attack the fire's heart. >> With that, the dragon spies another nasty knot of fire rolling and licking high into the air and dives, his rider getting barely a moment's notice to tuck into the dive.

Pullo blinks in from ::between::!

Tilla tries not to lose her last meal as Amuirnith has to veer sharply in the air to avoid the impulsive green pair who burned themselves. "Watch it!" Tilla cries out as Amuirnith lets out a bellow as if to say 'I'm doing my best here!' Both hide containers of water are dumped out unceremoniously over a small burgeoning flame patch near yet /another/ tree, and the pair swoop back towards the beach for another refill.

On an order to join up with some of the other wings, Jeyth and Pippa swing off from the others of Dawnsister, taking one of the many thermals to join a group next to a couple of the High Reachians. Not at all like winter time, is it? Alas, no time for quips as the wing is given the order to drop and Jeyth takes up the anchor position.

The smoke screen is pretty effective from the fire, enough so that a few taller trees may be hidden by the acrid haze. Nearby Imadrith as she nears one said tall tree, a burst of flame, fueled by excessive dryness from the drought sends scalding heat up past the green dragon sending a heatwave to her underbelly, the licks of flame reaching high enough to tap the surface of Eryn's forearm as well as swiftly lick her cheeks.

Phthongoth is quick to return on this trip, excitement making him break from formation just a little, for a moment. But he quickly slips back into place after some more hand-waving and shoulder-smacking from his rider. Thyia makes sure to put a hand heavily to her face, looking strained, before they dive down following the other dragons to unload their water. Streaking out from the heavy smoke this time there's a bugle, the skinny blue moving too fast that he nearly collides into the back of a large brown, and the pair blink :between: to skip to a clear open space of fresh air to recover the scare before rejoining their wing and getting more water.

Imadrith bellows at the same time Eryn screams, arrowing for the beach. << My rider! >> The green seems more distressed over her rider's pain and small burns than her own singed self, while Eryn simply seems distressed. "Ow, Ima! Ima, shards are you -- ow, ow, ow! -- okay?" Imadrith lands a bit more clumsily than usual, querying the Weyrleader's dragon on what she should do next: try to keep going or return to the Weyr. Eryn pokes gingerly at the marks on her arm and face, wincing, and trying to check dragon damage at the same time.

The sound of screaming dragons is just a flicker of noise in the background, nearly swallowed by the crackle and pop of timber and the roar of the fire. What was that- << We are close. >> Pippa presses her body ever close to Jeyth's hide, chest pressing down as she tries to flatten herself. Another flick of her wrist has her next load of water dousing the flames below, bringing up an explosion of steam and smoke.

It seems that for every flame that is doused in water, another lick of fire starts, bursting into life with increased smoke and brightness of heat. As especially dry trees, from the recent drought, are touched by burn there suddenly is a explosion of fire, a column of flame moving up from the increase in fuel. A flare of heat rises up as a sudden thermal, blowing the air up toward Amuirnith to toss her a little off balance and in addition to the thermal, a large dry tree creaks nearby and begins to fall, crashing and giving a good swat at the glowing green's wingjoint.

Salbaheth has to make several rather ungainly maneuvers as shifting thermals cause his wings to lose lift on his dive. One shudder is so strong that it almost sends the bronze wing over wing in a roll, a mishap that T'nar roars out on, "Watch those winds, Sal!" << We're almost there, brother! >> That mindvoice stills in concentration, with leaves rippling only when his attention ripples through. A bellow from above, dropping the load of water and banking sharply. Were it not experience that keeps T'nar seated, it must be those straps, that maneuver making the rider feel like he's just been thrown clear. Wings beat strongly as the flame is forgotten, flying point towards the injured green. Once she's down, he barely even deviates his course before he flips between, T'nar's cry of "A little war.." being cut off in the cold snap of air.

<< Bring the injured to the beach! We have healers! >> Lenculoth's urgency is expressed in flashes of lightening, her heads swinging around to her rider who is scrubbing his hands clean as he jogs to one of the gathering of healers, large barrels of numbweed and paddles at the center. "We've got some incoming. Everyone make sure you're partnered with a dragonhealer, or you might not be able to keep the dragon calm!"

Tilla nods and salutes to Pippa as she starts to join some of the Reaches wings in their efforts. After all the buckets are full, Amuirnith's now dingy and soot laden self rises back to the skies with a triumphant noise. < That fire will soon be out, we are even better at this than other things > is remarked, but soon cut off as a burning branch falls and blows towards Amuirnith's neckridges and wingjoints. A scream is uttered as the pair go between, blinking back in to the announcement that they should go to the beach to get healers. Tilla's jacket has a singed patch of hide where she leaned forward to try to shield her lifemate from the burns.

Glee dives at the flame splashing a small bit of bush just starting to flare up. He fills his bucket for another charge. he dives on a bush and puts it out. he chirps and warbles with glee.

The leading edge of the fire has finally been caught by the dragons and their riders, flames now reaching a standstill, unable to progress toward the weyr and the various holds. Instead the fire starts to burn inward, sending curls of fire burning higher and higher. The wind has slowed substantially and the smoke rises straight up instead, clogging the air above the fire spots with still-burning ash and thick smoke.

"Fucking hot!" Pippa near to growls in the aftermath of the steam, just barely catching Tilla's salute. She barely gets the words out of her mouth before asking for Jeyth to go between to avoid their flesh being cooked.

<< My rider needs help! >> Imadrith answers Lenculoth, just this side of frantic.  Never quite one to panic, even in the face of her own newly-singed hide, the green is crooning softly at Eryn.  The Maverick rider is as sooty as her dragon, no doubt adding insult to prodded injuries with dirty fingers.  >> It's just a small -- /ow/, shards! -- thing, Ima, I swear.  Really. <<  She almost looks put-out, actually, at the thought of a mark on the face she's quite proud of.

For being quick on his wings, Phthongoth avoids actually getting singed, though even the blue seems to be having difficulty breathing well by continually darting through the thick smoky cloud. He comes back with more water, as much as he can manage, while his rider slumps low over his shoulder to avoid inhaling too much and a hand pressed firmly on her face. But the heat finally get to the pair and they veer off and away from the flames towards the beach where they can land among those injured.

<< Tell her to come down. Mine will look at you and the healers will tend to yours, >> Lenculoth is a fount of calm in response, swinging her bulk around to come eye to eye with the other green. S'eron approaches with a paddle laden with numbweed in one hand, practiced balance keeping the gelatenous substance on the utencil. The other hand reaches out for Imadrith's hide, looking for injury to her body first, wingsails second.

With a final whoosh as the buckets are emptied one last time, steam hisses and curls about the patch of bushes that were just quenched, and Tilla and lifemate spiral down to the beach, abruptly, landing with a loud /THUD/ and rather more ungracefully than is usual for the lithe green. Tilla dismounts, calls a healer over and sits up against Amuirnith's side, cradling her arm, seems the hot ashes did more than burn a hole in her jacket, they singed her arm, too. Amuirnith lays on her side, flapping her injured wing, and shuddering her neck a little, her eyes swirling yellows and reds in pain and distress. < Stupid, stupid, stupid! > she remarks, but its unclear as to who she is referring to.

Smoke has filled the skies in a heavy haze with an acrid aroma, the wisps lazily rising into the air, not quite as thick as they originally were. Only a few minor sparks of flame are left, although fading with time, the sparks hopefully are to be taken care of by a clean up crew. Patches of fallen trees and fields are charred black, glistening with the doused water puddles and the faint sizzle can be heard below. On the beach below are the water crew of residents and older

Glee attacks the flame with the water from his bucket. He starts to get to close to the flames and drops the bucket. He quickly flys in and grabs the bucket then betweens away from the flame. He pops out near the beach dropping the bucket and rolls into the water to clean himself of soot and to cool his body from the heat.

Jeyth comes back from between, body singed. The pairing waits for a moment, surveying the damage done to the land and the smoke still dispersing in the skies. She shakes her head, peeling smudged goggles back away from her eyes to squint. "Shells..."

Imadrith is mostly a bit inflamed on her underside by some minor miracle, though her side and wing have looked better. Eryn slides carefully down, wincing a little at each jolt of her injuries. The first (careful) words from her mouth are, "Imadrith'll be okay, right?" She can't seem to stop prodding at her cheek, small though the burn is.

Salbaheth blinks back in with another load of water. He banks and circles, looking at the fire below. His keen draconic gaze spies no further massive snarls of flame and with a slow bank over some of the areas still smoldering, simply drops the water he carries to rain down lightly upon the heated ground below. Bugling at the charred ground, he relays to his rider, << It looks safe for now. Though we'll be on guard, won't we Brother? >> T'nar nods, calling back to the bronze, "Always." He circles over towards landing area for injured, taking a quick survey, before blinking away again, satisfied all is in order.

Salbaheth winks into ::between::!

"Imadrith will be fine," S'eron replies, starting to move the paddle slowly over her chest. He pulls it away and extends it toward Eryn. "Here. Dab some of this on." Lenculoth nods slowly to Imadrith before padding away and weaving through the personnel on the beach to Amuirnith. << What is the nature of your injury? >>

Tilla stands up and worriedly looks over to the burns across the top of Amuirnith's neck and wingjoint. She waves over a healer. "She's been burned..me too, can someone come over here?" She thinks to herself, numbweed, dragon's tongue, what was it she wishes she might have on hand to use? But still better to wait for a trained healer. Amuirnith flops her head down on the sand, dejectedly. < My beautiful neck..what male will want me now!!! > Ruhroh.

Eryn nods at the disappearing S'eron and does as told for once, sighing in relief as the numbweed dulls the pain.  Taking one moment to be seemingly out of character, the woman carefully wraps one arm around Imadrith's lowered forelimb.  "I'm glad you'll be well ... my dragon."  Just as quickly, it's back to business, and she mounts slowly, directing the green into the air before they're gone :between: to Ista Weyr and their little corner of it.

Tilla stands up and worriedly looks over to the burns across the top of Amuirnith's neck and wingjoint. She waves over to S'eron and Lenculoth. "She's been burned..me too.." She thinks to herself, numbweed, dragon's tongue, what was it she wishes she might have on hand to use? But still better to wait for professional help. Amuirnith flops her head down on the sand, dejectedly. < My beautiful neck..what male will want me now!!! > Ruhroh. (re)

S'eron blinks and straightens as if slapped. He turns his eyes on his dragon and gives her a sarcastic look before grabbing a couple healers to help him deal with Amuirnith. The rider eyes Tilla quickly, letting someone else tend to her injuries as he climbs gingerly on Amuirnith's fore arm to start investigating her wingjoints. "Looks superficial." This is good.

Tilla sighs, relieved at S'eron's statements. She slides her jacket off, coughing and wincing as it touches the edges of the burn on her forearm. Anotehr healer comes up with the numbweed and a bandage, proclaiming ."Maybe you should stop off at the weyr infirmary, to get something more soothing for that cough." Tilla hrms, gazing over towards Amu after thanking the Healer for their help. Amuirnith winces as her wingjoint is touched and makes some rumbling noises but then submits to S'eron's capable hands.

"You might also want to spend the night in the ground weyrs. It's going to be a fair walk back to the weyr, but it's best to give her wings a rest - especially if she's going to be flying soon." S'eron works numbweed carefully around the joints, sacrificing the feeling in his hands to do so. His lifemate adds, << it'd be embarrassing to be caught too quickly. >>

Tilla nods. "I can do that. It would be nice to spend a night somewhere not so cold and nasty right now.." She trails off, looking at her lifemate. "We can do it. Right, my sweetheart?" Amuirnith croons as her wounds are soothed, looking gratefully over at S'eron, his lifemate and her lifemate, adding in a more subdued tone. << Oh yes, I must be in top form. Don't want that >>
Many thanks to those that helped with this, including T'ab who did the fire emits for us.

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