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12:01 PM
Logfile from Pippa.
Featuring Fyren as The Drip

Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room -- the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed -- yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are six firelizards.
You see CANDIDATE INFORMATION BOARD, Rusalochka's Cot, Lendai's Cot, Ilidar's Cot-thing, Pippa's Cot, Mallory's Cot, Kassim's Cot, Corona's Cot, Ossia's Cot, Denalia's Cot, Zian's Cot, and A Mural here.
You notice Denalia, Rusalochka, Ossia, Ilidar, and Corona asleep here.
Kassim, Mallory, Lendai, and Zian are here.
Obvious exits:

Pippa is settled upon a cot. Now, granted, it isn't hers. But does that even really matter? Apparently not to her as she fidgets upon it, dragging a needle through what might eventually end up being her candidate's robe. Poke, pull, poke, pull... yeah. "I'd have tried to find mine from last time around, if I didn't figure it'd only reach to my knees." Sure, they are fine knees, but more than likely tempting targets for dragonet teeth.

Lendai stands in front of a tiny mirror, one she begged her mother to send her, as Martin had taken their original one. Hmpf. Fiddling around with some red hair ribbons, she ties one, only to untie it and redo it, trying to get the /perfect/ bow. After a few moments, the candidate reaches for a brush to smooth out of pigtails. There! Perfect. Using her hand to fluff up her hair, she shoots a look over her shoulder to Pippa. "So you want yours to be really long? I'm trimming a few inches off of mine to do the opposite. Need to make some attempt at cooling down on those sands. Plus, short is the new long." Sagenod.

Zian's robe is... a bundle of cloth shoved in a pile at the end of the bed, with a small little hide package containing needles and thread dumped on top of it. Zian is sitting as far away from is as possible, as there is the distinct chance that it /will/ eat him alive. The girls receive a look of vague exasperation. "It's a white robe. I don't get why you're all acting like it's some sort of high-fashion dress." Glare at the cloth again. Evil.

Mallory peers over at the preening Lendai, brows raised. "Why on Pern are you putting ribbons in your hair?" Such a lovely mannerism, he has. He's starign at his pile of white fabric, prodding it with a needle. "Sewing. Why must there be sewing."

Pippa stops in her sewing, frowning most considerably. "Really..." she drawls slowly, thinking on Lendai's words. "Do you think short is the way to go this time..." After all, fashion must be considered. "I've got this horrible premotion though that something is gonna happen and I'll end up arse up and then the galleries and all will see my bottom in all it's glory. I just know that'll happen if I make it short." Because that is how life works. She does shoot a glance across to Zian though, "Have you even started on yours yet?"

Lendai sends Zian a frigid look. "You'd rather we go out there, looking completely dumpy? Oh yes, a dragonet will /totally/ want to go for someone looking horrid. I bet it'd rather go between than impress. Even if we are all forced to wear the same thing," A fact that does not sit well with her. "We might as well try to look our best." So there! Nyah. Now her attention shifts to Mallory, who gets the same look. These boys. "I always wear ribbons in my hair. Unless Martin is around, at least." Which causes her to dive into many a room when the headman is around, to quickly take them out. "Pippa! You won't fall down, you're too willowy to do that." Lendai grins at the girl. "If you make it too long, you'll look like you're wearing a dress." A boring, white dress.

"I'm sort of hoping it's going to make itself," Zian admits, wrinkling his nose at the white, unmade, garment. "That or a weaver will miraculously make friends with me and offer to do the sewing for me. I can dream, right?" He sighs, unhappily, and shakes his head. "Also, when I tried to experiment with stitches, I just kept stabbing myself in the hand." Lendai's comments receive a somewhat bemused expression. "Dumpy?" He looks at her, then blinks down at his own body. Well, dumpy isn't a word he would genuinely use to describe himself. "/Dumpy/? Heeey! I am not overweight!"

Mallory shake shis head. "A dragonet can't ruddy well /see/ you well enough to care. They're too hungry." But of course, he's sure the girls won't listen. Zian gets a smirk. "They think they have to seduce the dragons to like them." He grimaces as a particularly enthusiastic poke of the needle pricks him. "Ow. Stupid robe. Why the shard can't we just go out there in regular clothes?"

Drip! Drip! Nothing like a little water torture to brighten the life of a candidate. Especially when the water is falling from the ceiling and onto someone's bed.

Pippa levels a glance at Zian. "Seriously? A weaver?" She cracks out into a big grin at the idea, "That'll happen when wherries start flying out of my arse." She sets her own robe down, sort of dropping it on whoever's cot she had temporarily invoked squatter's rights on. Stepping over a rivulet of water from the leaking wall, she moves over to Zian's cot, standing over it. "And you look beautiful, Lendai. Maybe if you wear those ribbons during the hatching, it'll be just the last bit to make that dragonet come for you. After all, feline's like fluttering things, don't they?" Mallory gets quite the scowl though at his words, "Seduce the dragons..." Give her a moment. And then she is breaking into a bit of a grin at his words. "Actually, I like that."

"Not dumpy as in overweight." Lendai says in exasperation. "Dumpy like... dumpy. Y'know! All untidy and shabby. You're not fat, Zian." And she thought girls were self conscious. Shaking her head and looking back at her mirror, she now attempts to use her fingers to curl her lashes. Not the best method, but it's worth a try or two. "If they're able to impress, then I think they /are/ able to see." My, my, isn't she a haughty little thing today. Though she does spare a grin over to the other girl candidate, as well as a sassy wink. "Thank you! And that's my hope, but the likelihood of the 'riders letting me is pretty much zero." Sniffle. The sound of some drips is ignored, but Lendai does glance at the ground, making sure her favorite sandals aren't getting wet. Nope! Still good.

"Thanks for the reassurance that I am merely shabby," Zian says dryly, rolling his eyes, though his lips do twitch in a small smirk. He doesn't yet some to have noticed the slowly growing damp patch on the blankets of his cot, given that he's sitting with his back to it. Pippa, however, it starting to scare him, first with the wherries comment, and now the seducing the dragons comment. He gives her a baffled look. "Seducing the dragons? I'm not even going to ask how you'd expect to do that. Not the easiest creatures to wine and dine, I assume."

Mallory rolls his eyes skyward. Girls! Utterly useless creatures. Well, on most occasions, anyway. "My point is, they won't /care/ about your robe. It simply doesn't matter. They're babies. They want Mommy and food, like, yesterday. Or the day before that. But go on, get all gussied up if you want," He sighs, tossing his robe aside. The nasty little drip is eyed consideringly. I think I'm going to have to try and fix that." Famous last words, those.

Drips like cracks. Sounds like a reality show, but in reality it's happening above their heads. A single drip in one point along the long crack in the ceiling soons becomes a second... and then a third. All steadily dampening anything that may be below them.

"Better to ask for forgiveness than permission," Pippa drawls with a knowing wink for Lendai's benefit. "I wouldn't worry too much about it though. Just like I'll stop worring about the hemline of my robe." Even if maybe she will shorten it up just a tad. Her ankles aren't half bad. "Well, if it doesn't matter, why do we all have to wear white robes to begin with? I doubt it is because we're gonna all head out there and do some synchronized interpretive dance. There is a point to it all." She flashes Zian a wink with the looks she keeps getting from him, just because she can. But she shifts a bit though, frowning at the increased dripping. "Go stick your finger in that one, Mallory."

Lendai frowns and picks a little fuzzy off of her sundress. "Maybe the dragonet who walks up to me will." She remarks rather absently. "Who actually knows why one dragon picks one person, while another goes for someone totally different. So unless you know /exactly/ what a baby dragon is looking for, other than food, I'd love to hear it." Perhaps the stress of candidacy is really starting to get to young Lendai. "You're not /that/ shabby, Zian. You're a lot less shabby than some of the candidates here." Only mildly shabby? "Shards, if they really make us start dancing, I'm out of there. Dragonet or not." Oh. Wait. That was a joke. Either way, Lendai stops all her thoughts as a drip does touch the top of her head. "/Ugh/! Gross! I just showered and got my hair the way I like it. Mallory, fix this one above me too. My /hair/!"

"Less shabby? Why thanks you for the compliment, my dear," Zian flashes Lendai an amused smile, possibly teasing her a little. But then he flinches as the cracks spread, and suddenly the water - very cold by the way - is dripping down on his head and coming down the back of his neck. "Gah!" he leaps off the bed, and looks at the ceiling, frowning in concern. "I swear, I think this place is going to collapse soon. Don't we have any buckets or anything? Or, you know, stonemasons to fix things?"

Mallory puts his hands over his face. "No! I am not sticking my fingers in those! Why don't you move away from the drip so your hair doesn't get wet?" He gives Zian a hlep-me look. "Why don't we go ask if there's something we can put in the holes, besides fingers?" He yelps as a drip slides under his collar and down his back. "That's cold!" He grumbles, pouting. "That's it, I'm moving to the resident barracks until this is fixed!"

Dripping on Lendai is fun. And so, the first harder drip ends up falling right on her too. It's almost a stream of water, broke into non-ending drops of doom. And of course, uninvited party guests have to show up too.. in the form of ten or eleven more dripping spots.

Pippa casts a glance at the ceiling, looking rather dubious. "I swear, its nicer outside than it is in here. Anyone else for moving out before the whole fardling ceiling comes down on us, and whatever lake is losing all its water on our heads." Well, mostly Lendai's head. And anyway, seriously, thats way more than enough water to drown a fish in. "Oh!" She sure isn't going to leave that half-finished robe to be stained and moldered though. The girl steps over a cot or three to reclaim the cloth, tucking it under her shirt.

"No problem, Zi." Lendai winks at the older teenager, all the while wiping off water droplets from her head. It seems no matter where she moves the water still seems to find her. "Is it getting worse?" She asks the others, staring straight up at the ceiling. At least until a droplet hits her in the eye. "AH!" Both hands slap over her face as she squeals. "/Gross/! It's gonna eat my eyeball!" It being the bacteria, maybe? Heck if Lendai knows. And then... well, and then it suddenly feels like it's raining. "Ohmygoodnessitisgettingworse!" Yep, those were words, sort of. Making a beeline for her cot, the starting-to-get-really-wet candidate starts shoving everything she can get her hands on into her trunk. "I'm with Mallory! Drudges have better sleeping spaces than this!"

Mallory picks up his pile-o-robe and squaking, complaining lizard babies. "Shards," He grumbles, "Lizards don't get colds, do they? Mine are so young yet!" Wet, sticky - that water really is gross - and festooned with lizards, Mallory begins to move toward the exit. Hurriedly.

"Sleeping /outside/ would be better than this. I'm pretty sure we could set up beds in the bowl or something." Because, you know, they live on a tropical island after all. The nights don't really get very cold. Zian looks helplessly at his slowly soggifying cot, and tries vainly to pull it out of the stream of water. It lasts all of a few seconds before a new set of droplets is coming down.

See crack. See crack spread. Hear loud popping sound as a piece of the ceiling falls down close to the exit and release a steady stream of water into the room. A stream that raises the level in the water fast enough that if you watch, you can see it get higher. And it keeps dripping on Lendai.

Pippa waddles forth, shirt pregnant with the balled up robe underneath to keep it mostly out of harm's way. No way she is going to leave all of her hard work from earlier to be left to this most unexpected of elements. "OooohOoooooooh.... Crackdust," she mutters, sliding a heel in a growing pool of water, windmilling her arms for balance and just barely managing to keep it. Her eyes grow wide as marks though as now it isn't just water, but ceiling that drops down. The next words that pour from her mouth aren't fit for civilizied company at all.

"Shard it all!" Mallory squeaks as the ceiling begins to cave. "We ought to hurry before Lendai gets drowned. C'mon, girl, leave that stuff."

Lendai pouts, "Oh no! The blanket Corona let me borrow is getting ruined." Hopefully the other girl won't be mad. Trying in vain to fold everything up so it fits in her little trunk seems easier said than done. "How in the great golden egg did I end up with more stuff than I came here with?" Isn't that always the question. Leaving her stuff and heading for the door, she turns to shout, "I'm running to get help!" Or maybe not, as the sky seems to be falling. Screaming, she starts jumping around. "The barracks doesn't want us to leave!" So instead, she runs over to Pippa and jumps up and down. "What do we do?!" Always look to the smart one in a crisis, and to Lendai that would be the dolphineer. Her clothes are now completely drenched, her hair ruined, and overall, she just looks like a slowly drowning feline. "Why do ceiling keep trying to fall on us?!" First the hatching caverns, now the candidate barracks. Poor candidates aren't getting any breaks this round.

It's probably not best to ask where exactly Zian learnt the vast array of expletives which he's now exercising, but he's certainly doing so with gusto. "Everyone out before we drown! Or before the ceiling falls on us." More than it already has, that is. He grabs a handful of his stuff out of his trunk, the stuff that'd be damaged by the rapidly rising water, but the candidate robe-in-progress is left behind to die. Then he's splashing through the water towards the exit.

Mallory sends his lizards arrowing out of the cavern, the oldest looking after the newest, then marches over to Lendai. "We /leave/." He says, forcefully, then picks her up, flinging her over his shoulder - he'll pay for it tomorrow, he's sure - and runs. "Come /on/, Pippa! And the rest of you, before the whole ceiling does go!"

Mallory walks to the Caverns.

Row, row, row your candies roughly out the door. Or at least they'd better swim there, because the water is up to waist level and still raising. That the crack in the ceiling has grown and small pieces are falling with little splashes doesn't help. Is that a fish?

The fact that Lendai thinks that Pippa is the 'smart one', and came running to her, would normally be something laughable and hilarious, and leave the girl grabbing her middle. Alas, not quite at that point now. "Hurdle it and get out," she suggests, because honestly... Mallory is basically saying the same thing over there -that is until he comes over here, and takes up Lendai in one of those swashbuckling moves. Nice. She splashes towards the exit, cringing as she plunges through what amounts to a waterfall of fardling cold water, and heads to the exit.

You go to the South Caverns.
South Caverns
Caverns continue to twist and tangle into a labyrinth of ancient tunnels: from high, soaring, vaulted roofs to nothing more than crawl-space at times the weyr extends deep into the mountain. Most of the walls are the smooth and glossy obsidian of ancient volcanoes, dark but for the fickle light of green-tinted glows. The floor is likewise worn by feet and time to run smooth and unbroken off to the main caverns to the north, or into the dorms and barracks in the opposite direction.
Peeking at you from a ledge up high are two firelizards.
Mallory is here.
Obvious exits:
Crafters' Area Guards Barracks Living Caverns Staff Corridor Candidate Barracks Resident Dorms Nursery

Zian walks in from the Candidate's Barracks.

Peekaboo> Lendai is quite stunned as Mallory is suddenly in front of her face. Wow, he can move fast when he wants to. Lendai just stares at him in shock as one moment she's nodding her head stupidly and then the world is upside down. "What are you DOING?!" She bellows out as she's hefted over Mallory's shoulder. "I can walk, you know!" Squirming about in his grasp, she has no choice but to go with him, it seems.

Lendai walks in from the Candidate's Barracks.

"We should probably find someone and tell them the entire weyr's about to drown you know," Zian points out, as he drips onto the floor, looking back at the barracks, because the way the waters was rising, it's going to start flooding the southern caverns too, and then the other dorms.

Lendai just stares at Mallory's butt, since being wet makes her less inclined to lean up and expend energy. "Y'know Mal..." Ahem. Her face pinkens slightly and she just snaps her mouth shut. "Am I safe enough now that I can be put down?" Cause at the moment she suddenly feels like her breakfast wants to see her face to face.

Pippa stares at the stream of water upon the floor, then drops her head to shakes it about much like something a canine would do. "Faranth... I sure hope that is just going on in there. Everyone got out alright?" She glances about, looking at the pack of drowned 'rats', and what amounts to Lendai's behind.

Mallory Chuckles and puts her down. "Good. Your brain has blood in it now. Sorry about that." He didn't precisely want to intorduce her to any..interesting..parts of his anatomy, and all.

Zian runs his hands though his hair, and rivulets of water are wringed free. "I think everyone else is out on chores or stuff..." Because, surely, no one was sleeping through that. If they drown in their sleep, however, Zian can't be held accountable. He glances at the barracks. "Seriously, we should tell someone. I don't want to have to bail out the weyr."

As the world rights itself, Lendai grabs one pigtail each and starts to ring them, her once happy, dry, perky little bows now deflated. "That sucked." She comments as water pools at her feet. A little firelizard is given a nasty look, but she just continues to fling droplets from her person. "You don't think that other parts of the Weyr are getting soaked as well, do you Pippa?" The idea does hold some merit. "Shards and shells, I hope so. I didn't even think about checking the other cots for bodies. Someone should get the Weyrleader or the headman. Or someone! That water was only raising!" Hysterics? Lendai? Noooo.

Pippa shoots a glance to the others, and announces aloud. "You realize if and when it gets done in there, we're going to have to clean it up." And the idea of all of that wet, mouldering, nastiness briefly gives the girl a shiver that has nothing to do with her currently damp state. "Oh, I'm sure..." She glances over her shoulders as a pair of drudges round the corner, go slack-jawed at the sight and then go scurrying off again, crying out that the Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

Mallory gives Lendai a hard stare. "Nobody was asleep through that. Really. Calm down, or I'll put you back in there." Sucha sweet gentleman, is Mallory. He's also not laughing at her, not at all. Ignore the muffled giggles as he wrings out his shirt. "Shards, you were wet." And he'd already had his bath for the day. He really didn't need another.

Zian nudges Lendai with an elbow. "If they were in there, they're dead now. Best to think of those of us who survived." Oh, if Pern had much of a religion, Zian would /so/ be going to hell for winding Lendai up. "Let's try the living caverns or something. There might at least be a rider hanging around to tell. And if we tell someone else, it's not our problem any more." He pauses. "Except we'll probably still have to fix whatever it was. Because they like making us suffer and what have you."

Lendai makes a face, "Faranth, I didn't think of that." Sometimes being a candidate sucked. "I don't want to clean up that mess! It'll take forever! Maybe the Weyr will take pity on us and order the drudges to do it." Like the two running off. The teen can't help but smile just a bit as she watches them. "I really... I can't believe that actually just happened." Really. She's stunned. Mallory gets a nasty glare. "Touch me again and I'll kick you in an unpleasent place." She huffs, trying to regain her haughty attitude and failing miserably. "You aren't exactly dry yourself, y'know." Eyes widen at Zian's words, her face paling. "You don't /really/ think anyone is /dead/ in there, do you?" Now her eyes start to make water of their own. "I know I really hated some of the other candidates, but not enough for them to /die/!" Sniffle. Oh yeah, Zian's meeeeean!

Pippa drags her hair out to her back, and then peeks down the neckline of her shirt to see how her gown faired. Wet, but not too bad. "I'll go make sure someone knows -although how could they not with all of the racket. I swear, if they didn't hear it, that'd be just... well... just dumb," she finishes up lamely before trotting off towards the caverns.

Message 2 of 2 on *Ista Weyr (#608):
Date: Wed Dec 5 13:12:24 2007 CST
From: Pippa (#26216)
To: *Ista Weyr (#608) and *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject: Nobody likes soggy candy

Everyone knew that ever since the shake up at the Weyr a seven-day or so before involving that rock that fell from the sky, there had been a few leaks in the Weyr, most noticably in the candidate's barracks. Of course, just about everything in there is a bit cracked, including the candidates themselves.

Well, what were casual leaks one afternoon became drips, and then streams, and then it seemed like part of the ceiling decided it'd fall down too, right there in the barracks -along with what apparently was the entire contents of one the Weyr's water resivoirs. Seeing as only a handful of lazy (chore-shirking) candidates were in there at the time, not a one was hurt, but those that escaped were wet through and through and already grumbing about the mess that is going to need to be picked up.

* * *