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Falling Celestial Bodies That Aren't Minka

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Date: Tue Dec 4 10:05:26 2007 CST
From: Fyren (#8833)
To: *Announcements (#2050) and *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject: Falling Celestial Bodies That Aren't Minka

[Scene: Benden Weyr's Kitchens]

C'bran: (Sitting) So, the Starcraft tells me that these threadfalls are part of the meteor shower we've been having. Something about crossing the red star's path.

Y'traf: (Pacing) So they aren't going away?

C'Bran: Not until the storm is over. For the time being, when we hear of a falling star, we have an hour or two before thread will fall in that area.

Y'traf: That's not enough time to get ready for a fall. Not nearly enough.

C'bran: It's not like we have much choice. But from the five we've had so far, they seem to be shorter, but more spread out. You, wingleader, will just have to make sure that everyone's equipment is always ready and always perfect. We won't have time to deal with broken straps, lost items or empty tanks.

Y'traf: Yes sir. Benden will do it's duty as it always has. We won't be the ones to let Pern down.
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