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Many thanks to ht_toba for proposing the event, and all the numerous people involved in running the events, namely Nemykai, T'ab, T'zyn, Pippa, D'baji, S'lo, Dex, Lzi, Alesa and more.

The dates were set, the wings have been practicing, and the riders have been stretching reaaal good. It is a sign that it must be time for another installment of a InterWeyr Games!
The beaches and clearings of Southern Continent were set up for a variety of friendly (and not-so-friendly) competitions ranging from foot races to surfing competitions to aerial acrobatics, all to find out which Weyr reigns supreme! The events are scattered throughout an entire sevenday at various times (August 24-30th) with a final closing ceremony with a feast and drinks to celebrate the true nature of the games, cooperation between the weyrs!


I've posted the logs for all but the Rib Eating Contest and the Drinking Contest.
You'll find them here: http://ht-tilla.livejournal.com/tag/inter+weyr+games

A)Human/Dragon Surfing Part 1, Part 2

B)Mounted Obstacle course

C)Foot Races

D) 600M Dragon Swim Part 1, Part 2

E)Mounted Dragon Races

F) Aerial Acrobatics Part 1, Part 2

G)Closing Ceremonies
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MOO Time: 2009-06-16 21:54:26
Internet Time: @162 beats
And on Pern ...
The time is 21:54.
It is late night of the eightieth day of summer.
It is the twelfth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a summer late night.

Summary: In which the Harpers are asked for help with the shipwreck artifacts
(part of shipwreck TP)

We found this shipwreck off the Weyr, and trying to figure out where it came from.Collapse )
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Flame-Fighting DragonsCollapse )
Many thanks to those that helped with this, including T'ab who did the fire emits for us.

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2008-07-02 18:19 MOO Time.
It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of summer.
   It is the eighth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
 It is a summer evening.  Stars peek through the night sky, where they can be seen between the clouds.  Puffs of cumulus clouds linger persistently, and the eastern breeze is constant.

Players: Fyren, Katalin, P'kar, Kurt, Alesa, Sadi, Realilina, Ayla, Erikkhan, Zyrana,Fango, Callie and Mirage (felines), various firelizards

In which a lively group including Harpers, Dragonriders, Holders, Traders and more enjoy the free food, drink and company

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 Log from Alesa
(6/22/08, 16:31 Moo Time)
The seventy-second day of spring, the eighth Turn of the Tenth Interval.

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OOC: Hello all! We had a fairly well-attended gather this past weekend and so I have a request:

If you have logs from the hold, please post them to this list (under cuts, of course). I, as well as others, would love to see what kind of fun was to be had.

Feel free to tag it 'gather' so people can find them easily.

Thanks in advance!

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So during the Seacraft's TP where they spent a week sailing to Southern, harvesting needlethorn and conducting some trade, then returning, they encountered one of the random threadfalls while at sea.

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Date: Tue Dec 4 10:05:26 2007 CST
From: Fyren (#8833)
To: *Announcements (#2050) and *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject: Falling Celestial Bodies That Aren't Minka

[Scene: Benden Weyr's Kitchens]

C'bran: (Sitting) So, the Starcraft tells me that these threadfalls are part of the meteor shower we've been having. Something about crossing the red star's path.

Y'traf: (Pacing) So they aren't going away?

C'Bran: Not until the storm is over. For the time being, when we hear of a falling star, we have an hour or two before thread will fall in that area.

Y'traf: That's not enough time to get ready for a fall. Not nearly enough.

C'bran: It's not like we have much choice. But from the five we've had so far, they seem to be shorter, but more spread out. You, wingleader, will just have to make sure that everyone's equipment is always ready and always perfect. We won't have time to deal with broken straps, lost items or empty tanks.

Y'traf: Yes sir. Benden will do it's duty as it always has. We won't be the ones to let Pern down.
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Date: Sun Dec 2 13:45:53 2007 CST
From: Fyren (#8833)
To: *TinyPlots (#2060) and *Announcements (#2050)
Subject: Rider say what?

C'bran, weyrleader of Benden weyr, slipped off his dragon and thumped to the ground in Fort Weyr's central bowl. Dusting himself off, he strode right up to the other rider there and clasped hands with him.

"Well met T'tal."

"Not so well met, I'm afraid."

They walked down through one of the lower caverns towards the infirmary where a rider was resting quietly on a cot. The headwoman was sitting next to her and shaking her head. The Fort weyrleader sighed and muttered, "We had to drug her to keep her from hurting people. She kept trying to get away, screaming about thread falling over the Southern continent."

"She was at our weyr two days ago. A green dragon burst in low to our bowl and before I could chew her out for being so reckless... she started screaming about how we were all doomed."

"I've summoned the master mindhealer from the hall."

"Let's hope he can help."

They turned and started back up the tunnel to the surface, both lost in thought the whole way. One thinking about contagions and the other about madness. Reaching for the straps on his large bronze dragon, C'bran looked over his shoulder and sighed, "Keep me informed. I want to know h-"

The sound of two loud popping noises overhead interupted him. A blue and a green dragon came down at the weyr in a very fast, low cut vector. The blue rider didn't even wait for his dragon to settle as he lept out, throwing his helmet off and racing towards the Fort weyrleader, "Sir! Sir! Thread falls over Ruatha hold!"
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